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like getting stars as a kid for doing something right...

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You have entered a workout journal gone terribly silly.

I decided that keeping track of when and how much I work out isn't enough. I also wanted to force myself to be more productive in other ways, like cleaning and intellectual aspiration... so I made a way of tracking "stars".

You can modify this to match your own goals, but this is the system I'll be using:

fitness: one star per half hour of strength training or fifteen minutes of aerobics
water: one star for each 20oz of water, deduct half-star per each caffinated or alcoholic beverage.
food: one star per healthy meal, and deduct half-stars for junk food.
cleaning: one quarter star for really little things like starting or switching laundry. One star for significant progress.
sleep: Star per hour and a half of sleep the morning of, and naps throughout the day.
expression: star for thoughtful journal entries throughout the day. Journaling Max: one star per day. Other forms of artistic expression are encouraged, so half-star per hour spent on artistic endeavors.
social: one star per three hours of social time, IRL! because hanging out w/ friends is good too =)
spiritual: star per half hour of qigong or yoga, or any form of meditation or trancework, or per hour of reading up on spiritual interests.
intellectual: one star per "good" hour of studying, or for an hour of a hard class, or two hours of an easy class. reading a book for intellectual purposes also counts in this area.
work: one star per three hours of work
doing the work you love: I'm not sure how other people could use this, but be creative! This is supposed to be separate from "work". I have my "dayjob" and the work I love. I work both retail and do massage therapy @ my office. So this section, for me, is massage: half star per 15-min chair massage, star per hour of table.

And now we can use the following tag for entering in our stars:

[img src="http://www.2bithacker.net/staromatic/stars.cgi?fitness=2&work=4&food=1&water=3&sleep=.5&fitness=.5&spiritual=1.5"]

(replace [ and ] with < and >, enter in whichever categories and numbers of stars you had for the day...)

to show up like this:

Feel free to email suggestions to the moderator (karnil).

Be Honest.
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This isn't a contest!
Use cuts where appropriate.