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November 2nd Scores – DDR Challenge!

DDR 11/2 am, DDR Max 2, Light mode.
(p=perfects, g=greats, mc=max combo, nr=new record)

3F I Feel – A/105p/25g/128mc/nr
3F So Deep – AA/86p/21g/125mc/nr
3F Will I? – A/89p/34g/77mc/nr
4F Still in my Heart – A/141p/31g/70mc/nr
2F Rain of Sorrow - AA/66p/11g/83mc/nr
4F Take Me Away - A/119p/29g/84mc/nr
3F The Whistle Song - A/103p/16g/44mc
4F Love at First Sight – AA/101p/21g/129mc/nr
4F Dream a Dream - A/117p/20g/58mc
5F Busy Child - B/115p/43g/75mc
4F Breakdown - D/91p/32g/35mc
4F Days Go By – A/89p/27g/108mc
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