karnil macdonald (karnil) wrote in star_wellness,
karnil macdonald

Yesterday was not a total loss...

Rotary Calf – 2x20@100
Leg Extension – 2x10@35
Seated Leg Curl – 2x15@35
Seated Leg Press – 2x15@75
Torso Rotation – 2ex15@50
Hip Abduction – 2x15@35
Hip Adduction – 2x15@40
Arm Curl (Biceps) – 2x15@20
Arm (Triceps) Extension – 2x15@35
Triceps Push Down (on free-weights) – 1x15@30
Triceps Press – 2x15@45
Triceps Lift – 1x15@L1
Lat pull-down – 2ex10&1ehx5@40
Overhead Press – 1ex10&1ox5@20
Assisted Chin-up and Pull-up – 1ex5@18A

I was pretty proud of myself when Chip realized, and the waitress confirmed, that I had only had half of my soda at dinner. I thought I had drank 1½, not just ½.
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