karnil macdonald (karnil) wrote in star_wellness,
karnil macdonald

November 4th & 5th Scores – DDR Challenge!

DDR 11/4 pm, DDR Max 2, Light mode.
(p=perfects, g=greats, mc=max combo, nr=new record)

3F Vanity Angel – A/105p/38g/126mc/nr
3F Think Ya Better D - A/122p/24g/82mc/nr
3F Forever Sunshine – AA/86p/7g/101mc/nr
3F Tomorrow Perfume - AA/109p/17g/126mc/nr
4F Don’t Stop! - AA/145p/10g/123mc/nr
3F Can’t Stop Fallin’ in Love - B/127p/25g/54mc/nr
2F Secret Rendezvous - C/49p/36g/25mc/nr
3F Twilight Zone - B/90p/12g/57mc (mat issues)
3F I Feel - AA/101p/31g/140mc/nr
3F Ghosts - AA/102p/17g/119mc/nr
2F Drifting Away - AA/103p/10g/124mc/nr
4F Days Go By – A/87p/27g/46mc (mat issues)

DDR 11/5 am, DDR Max 2, Light mode.

3F So Deep – A/79p/26g/57mc
4F Take Me Away – AA/121p/27g/100mc/nr
4F Love at First Sight – AA/99p/22g/80mc
3F I Feel – B/101p/26g/44mc/nr
4F Dream A Dream – A/113p/26g/101mc
3F Ghosts – A/101p/16g/99mc
5F Busy Child – B/111p/49g/127mc
4F Days Go By – AA/82p/35g/122mc
4F Heaven – A/110p/27g/129mc/nr
4F Break Down – had serious mat issues especially on the jumps, tried the song 3 times, and I knew I was doing better than it was saying, but here is what I got according to the scores: D/92p/36g/29mc, C/93p/35g/32mc, D/92p/33g/52mc, D/94p/28g/41mc
2F Drifting Away – A/85p/27g/80mc
3F Conga Feeling – B/106p/34g/65mc
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