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November 3nd Scores – DDR Challenge!

DDR 11/3 pm, DDR Max (1), Light mode.
(p=perfects, g=greats, mc=max combo, nr=new record)

3F Get Me In Your Sight – A/120p/31g/132mc/nr
4F Look to the Sky (True Color Mix) – B/76p/67g/42mc/nr
4F I Like to Move It – A/78p/26g/122mc/nr
4F Groove 2001 – B/121p/31g/96mc/nr
4F Sandstorm - AA/75p/28g/110mc
3F Dark Black Forest - A/107p/21g/65mc
3F Overblast - A/50p/16g/54mc/nr
3F You Leave Me Alone – A/111p/19g/108mc
4F Ecstasy - B/113p/45g/45mc/nr
3F Look to the Sky - AA/113p/19g/151mc
4F Ordinary World (Standard Mode) - A/105p/35g/143mc
4F Look to the Sky (Standard Mode) – E/101p/42g/57mc
6F Sandstorm (Standard Mode) – B/104p/35g/33mc/nr
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